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Audits & School Account Management

School Audits

School Accounts is a division of the Internal Auditing Department. The School Accounts Department provides oversight to both the principals and secretaries to ensure compliance with all applicable statutes as well as the Administrative Guidelines for Management of School Funds.

Internal Audits

The Internal Audit Department is an independent appraisal activity established within the East Baton Rouge Parish School System to examine, measure, and evaluate the effectiveness, efficiency, and economy of its activities.

Budget Management

2024-2025 Consolidated Budget Process

2024-2025 Budget Efficiency Form
2024-2025 New Budget Request Form
2024-2025 Budget Template

2023-2024 Consolidated Budget Process

2023-2024 Budget Timeline
2023-2024 New Budget Request Form
2023-2024 Budget Efficiency Form
2023-2024 Budget Template

2022-2023 Consolidated Budget Process

2022-2023 Budget Timeline
2022-2023 New Budget Request Form
2022-2023 Budget Efficiency Form
2022-2023 Budget Template 

2021-2022 Consolidated Budget Process

2021-2022 Consolidated Budget Timeline
2021-2022 New Budget Request Form
2021-2022 Budget Efficiency Form
2021-2022 Budget Template

2020-2021 Consolidated Budget Process

2020-2021 Consolidated Budget Timeline
2020-2021 New Budget Request Form
2020-2021 Budget Efficiency Form
2020-2021 Budget Template

2019-2020 Consolidated Budget Process

2019-2020 Consolidated Budget Timeline
2019-2020 New Budget Request Form
2019-2020 Budget Efficiency Form
2019-2020 Budget Template

2018-2019 Consolidated Budget Process

2018-2019 Consolidated Budget Timeline
2018-2019 New Budget Request Form
2018-2019 Budget Efficiency Form
2018-2019 Budget Template

2017-2018 Consolidated Budget Process

2017-2018 Consolidated Budget Timeline
2017-2018 New Budget Request Form
2017-2018 Budget Efficiency Form
2017-2018 Budget Template

2016-2017 Consolidated Budget Process

2016-2017 Consolidated Budget Timeline
2016-2017 New Budget Request Form
2016-2017 Budget Efficiency Form
2016-2017 Budget Template
Three Year Long-Range Projected Fund Balance 2015-2018

2015-2016 Consolidated Budget Process

2015-2016 New Budget Request Form
2015-2016 Fiscal Year Budget Template
2015-2016 Budget Timeline
2015-2016 New Budget Reduction Form
Three Year Long-Range Projected Fund Balance Worksheet

Facilities (Physical Plant Services)

The Facilities Department is responsible for managing capital improvement projects and vendor service contracts to ensure safe learning environments.

Our Mission is to provide clean, safe, and aesthetically pleasing learning environments. We will accomplish this by providing maintenance services at all district facilities and as construction and renovation oversight of new and existing facilities. We will provide these services with safety as our primary obligation and efficiently invest operational funding/tax-based allocations in all department operations

  • Chief of Plant Operations Randy Morales | rmorales@ebrschools.org 
    • Responsible for the Supervision of the Facilities Operations for the District. 
  • Administrative Director of Facilities James Bell Jr. |  jbell7@ebrschools.org 
    • Responsible for the supervision of daily operations and maintenance provided to the district. This includes the supervision of HES Contract for provided duties and obligations 
  • Assistant Administrative Director of Facilities Jonathan Schexnayder | jschexnayder2@ebrschools.org
    • Responsible for managing district projects and assisting in the supervision of daily operations and maintenance provided to the district 
  • Safety Asbestos Specialist Coey Malveaux | cmalveaux1@ebrschools.org
    • Responsible for environmental issues for the district. This includes but is not limited to: Pest Control, Asbestos Management, Mold and Mildew along with any other environmental concerns for the district. 
  • Secretary to the Administrative Director of Facilities Angela Stevenson | astevenson2@ebrschools.org
    • Responsible for assisting in daily operations for the facilities department.   
  • Fiscal Analyst and Grants Manager of Plant Facilities Peggy Palmer | ppalmer@ebrschools.org
    • Responsible for collecting and tracking utility cost and operations for the district. This includes electricity, gas and water consumptions 
  • Administrative Assistant for Chief of Operations, Business and Plant Operations Keyon Brown | kbrown6@ebrschools.org
    • Responsible for facility usage agreements and assist with daily plant operations. 

This is notices from Government and State entities such as Louisiana State Fire Marshal’s Office, DHH, LDEQ, etc. Please have all notifications sent to our Administrative Director of Facilities Mr. James Bell. Once received Physical Plant Services will communicate citations and needed repairs to the appropriate personnel to have resolved.

The Facilities survey is for the Physical Plant Services department to identify and focus on the needs of the district. The survey is a short 20 question multiple choice survey that will allow us to better serve the district needs at all locations. Please take a moment to provide us the feedback. 

Click Here to Take the Survey

HES is responsible for providing daily maintenance to the district. This includes repairs and maintenance, custodial services and grounds management. There are also some other services that are provided to the school district like various hauling and Inter departmental mail deliveries. All work orders and reported maintenance issues are reported directly to HES as the designee for EBRPSS.

Contract Supervisor for EBRPSS, Mr. James Bell – Administrative Director of Facilities

HES Supervision

  • Director of Operations Dominic Holman | dholman@hes.com
    • Responsible for the services and operations provided by HES to EBRPSS
  • Director of Maintenance Jeremie McCray | jeremie.mccray@hes.com
    • Responsible for the repairs and maintenance provided by HES to EBRPSS
  • Director of Custodial Services Patrick Ficklin | patrick.ficklin@hes.com
    • Responsible for the custodial services provided by HES to EBRPSS

Work Order Submission

  • Work orders should be submitted by the Principal and/or their designee by sending an email to ebr.src@hes.com 
  • If immediate assistance is needed, please contact HES Service Response Center using the contact information below:

HES Service Response Center

7:00am – 4:30pm | (225) 226-3685

After Hours | (225) 436-8986

CSRS/Tillage is responsible for the Management of Tax Plan Projects along with the Supervision of HVAC Service Contracts. The Tax Plan Projects were passed in 2018 and will be completed in Year 2029. EBR also passed a tax for the maintenance and repairs for HVAC within the District. CSRS/Tillage manages these contracts to ensure the district is provided with the services outlined in the contracts.

Contract Supervisor for EBRPSS, Mr. Randy Morales – Chief of Plant Operations

CSRS/Tillage Supervision: Program Director Judith Anderson

Office Information

Monday – Thursday, 7:30am – 4:30pm
Friday, 7:30am – 12:00pm

(225) 226-3770


The EBR Purchasing Department ensures timely delivery of materials and equipment from vendors, generates and tracks purchase orders, and works alongside the Accounts Payable Department to provide quality service across the district.

The East Baton Rouge Parish School Board invites all vendors to participate in the procurement process. This will promote competitive purchases and ensure that all vendors are given equal opportunity to conduct business with the East Baton Rouge Parish School System. 

Vendors desiring to conduct business with the EBRPSS should make their wishes known by submitting a written request on company letterhead to the Purchasing Department. The request should include specific details with regard to the materials, supplies, equipment, and/or services offered. Each request received is placed in a reference file used whenever quotes or bids are issued. Vendors are encouraged to be aggressive in their bid proposals so their chance of gaining a share of the business is improved. 

In addition, purchases made by EBRPSS are in compliance with Louisiana Revised Statute Title 38:2212.1. According to this statute, bids are to be advertised in the public notices of the local newspaper, The Advocate. Interested vendors should proactively monitor these public notices to remain informed about bids currently in process.

Sending a completed vendor form and requesting to be added to the approved vendor list will not ensure that a vendor is included. Vendor information is not entered into the database until after that vendor has been selected for a purchase.  

The Warehouse operations involve central receiving for instructional materials, maintenance and custodial supplies, automotive parts, and storage of surplus materials and equipment. Items received by the Warehouse personnel are delivered to requester or stored for withdrawal/delivery on an as needed basis.

In accordance with the provisions of Louisiana Revised Statute 38:2212.1, all purchase of materials, supplies, and equipment exceed the sum of $60,000.00 shall be advertised and let by contract to the lowest responsible bidder who has bid according to the specifications as advertised. The sealed bid process consists of at least two advertisements in Baton Rouge’s The Advocate, the first of which is to appear at least fifteen days before the opening of the bids.

Purchases cannot be divided by departments or by school if the effect is to evade the bid law. Purchases of commodities that are bought in small but recurring amounts through the year, such as paper, office supplies, etc., should be bid on an annual basis.

Purchases of $30,000.00 or more, but less than $60,000.00, shall be made by obtaining not less than three telephone or facsimile quotations. A written confirmation of the accepted offer shall be obtained and made part of the purchase file.


Contact Information:


6013 Choctaw Drive
Baton Rouge, LA 70805

Phone: (225) 226-3784 Fax: (225) 226-3662

Normal Business Hours

Monday – Friday | 8:00am – 4:30pm

Dispatch Hours

Monday – Friday | 5:00am – 5:30pm

Contact Us at TransportationConcerns@ebrschools.org with any questions, comments, or concerns.