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The Information Technology (IT) Department, also known as the Department of Technology Services, provides daily hardware and software support for one of the largest single wide area networks in the state of Louisiana. The IT Department manages and supports instructional and business enterprise applicates, 20,000+ computers, 35,000+ Chromebooks, 400+ servers, and thousands of network electronic devices all connected through our district’s 10GB backbone. this network, secured by a robust E-Rate, CIPA compliant Internet filter, provides the technological highway upon which the district’s instructional, business, and communication systems flow at more than 90 instructional, business, and campuses across the entire school system. Reliable, secure, and high-speed Internet is a necessity for the success of our technology-driven curriculum and assessments. The IT Department has recently upgraded the EBR Internet and wide area network connectivity at all campuses, greatly increasing our Internet bandwith from a 1GB to a 10GB network. 

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IT HelpDesk

This HelpDesk is accessible to all employees, students, and their families. 

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Resetting a Password

Utilize PASS to reset your password for the following:

-EBR Computer
-EBR Email
-EBR Google Accounts

To access PASS from an EBR computer, open an internet browser page and type the URL in the address bar. You will be prompted to answer questions about the information that Human Resources has on file for you, then you will be prompted to reset your password. When you reset the password, your password will be reset for your EBR computer, EBR email, JCampus, EBR Google, and other EBR accounts will be reset as these are all synchronized. This process can take up to 30 minutes.

Email Access for New Employees

When a new employee joins the faculty, computer and email access will become available AFTER the Department of Human Resources issues an employee identification number and activates the employee’s account. Follow that process, the school secretary will be notified of the employee’s ID number. Then, the new employee will be able to establish their password by using PASS from an EBR computer. 

Reset your EBR Password

Please view EBR’s Technology Footprint from the Louisiana Department of Education.

EBRPSS Technology Footprint