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The MTSS department is responsible for the development and implementation of the district Multi-Tiered System of Support Program and the Social Emotional Learning plan.  The MTSS department supports schools in the development of academic and behavioral tiered systems of supports through relationship building and focused training.  The department works to ensure school campuses have the systems needed to guarantee equitable access and outcomes for all students.

Multi-Tiered Systems of Support is a systematic, integrated and multilayer approach used to deliver instruction, assess student progress and provide needed supports and interventions.

For Internal use only. 

Access our MTSS Playbook to receive information concerning MTSS, SEL, and PBIS.  The Playbook has forms, an archive of professional development sessions, and resources for school personnel to support MTSS, SEL, and PBIS implementation.

MTSS Playbook  

Director of MTSS, Dr. Corie Buras | (225) 326-5154 | CBuras@ebrschools.org

SEL Specialists: North Region

Mamie Landry | MLandry7@ebrschools.org
Amie Jackson | AJackson13@ebrschools.org
Randi Foval | RFoval@ebrschools.org

SEL Specialists: Mid City

Veronica Pryor Faciane |VPryor@ebrschools.org
Randi Foval | RFoval@ebrschools.org

SEL Specialists: Broadmoor/Sherwood

Ashley Martin | ARichardson@ebrschools.org
Amie Jackson | AJackson13@ebrschools.org

SEL Specialist: Highland/Old South BTR

Laniakia Johnson | LJohnson5@ebrschools.org

SEL Specialist: Southeast Region

Tiffany Davis | TDavis10@ebrschools.org

MTSS Office Location

Christa McAuliffe Center, Room 107
12000 Goodwood Blvd
Baton Rouge, LA 70815