child welfare & attendance/hearings

The Office of Child Welfare & Attendance with the East Baton Rouge Parish School System serves as an advocate for the children to ensure the success of students in school. To accomplish this, the Office of Child Welfare & Attendance will work closely with students, their parent/guardians and the school to facilitate enrollment and consistent attendance in the proper school setting.

The Office of Child Welfare & Attendance will conduct home visits to verify addresses of students so that they are enrolled in the proper school attendance zone. Parental contact will also be made when children have difficult in school and students fail to meet attendance requirements. Community agencies will be contacted as needed to provide families with the necessary resources and adjustments to overcome obstacles that prevent proper school attendance.

The Office of Child Welfare & Attendance is also committed to working closely with the Truancy Assessment and Service Center as well as Juvenile Services to take parents to Truancy Court if needed to encourage regular school attendance. Regular school attendance ensures the child will have the greatest opportunity for success.

Documents Required for Student Registration

-Drop Slip AND Last Report Card from previous school

-Birth Certificate (Copy)

-Current Immunization Record (Copy)

-Parent/Guardian Picture ID *Provisional Custody by Mandate is not accepted in EBRPSS*

-Two different Proofs of Residency (within 30 days) 

Acceptable Proofs of Residency Include:

Mortgage or lease/rental agreement (domiciled in East Baton Rouge Parish)

Water Bill

Electric Bill

Cable Bill

Telephone Bill

Home Owners Insurance

-Notarized Affidavit of Residency

If both PARENT and CHILD are residing in the home of another individual please provide us with:

Two different current utility bills in the person’s name with whom you are residing

Picture ID of the person with whom you are residing

*Child Welfare & Attendance may confirm residency established through an affidavit by conducting a home visit*

Necessary forms:

Student Registration and Data Verification Form


What is Truancy?

Students are truant when they are absent from school without good reason or without permission from home or school. Students who stay out of school frequently become potential dropouts.

What is School Absenteeism?

School absenteeism includes all excused and unexcused forms of non-attendance such students who are: truant, suspended or expelled, delinquent, chronically ill, pregnant, runaway, tardy, and students who belong in school but have never been enrolled or attended.

Learn about Louisiana’s attendance requirements here:

Louisiana Revised Statute 17:221

Students must attend school between seven and 18 years of age. Any student below the age of seven who legally enrolls in school shall also be subject to compulsory attendance. Students 16 years old or under age 18 may exit school but must enroll in an alternative education program or enroll in a vocational technical program under certain conditions of a waiver applied for by the parent or guardian. The superintendent or a designee must approve this waiver.

Child Welfare Forms

Absences and Parent Notes

Students may be excused for the following reasons:

-Personal illness

-Serious illness in the student’s immediate family

-Death in the student’s immediately family not to exceed one week

-Natural catastrophe and/or disasters

Parent Notes:

Written statements from a parent, legal guardian or physician stating a reason for the absences shall be submitted to proper school personnel within five (5) school days after the student returns to school.  The number of parental notes for absences is limited to five (5) per semester.  A parent note will be marked as unexcused/parent note (UNXPN) in the database which will generate an investigation by CWA if the parent notes exceed five.


The Office of Child Welfare & Attendance conducts due process hearings for the district and provides assignment to EBRPSS alternative educational centers when applicable.

Truancy Court

The Office of Child Welfare & Attendance works closely with the Trauncy Assessment Service Center, FYSC and Juvenile Services to petition parents to Truancy Court to encourage regular school attendance.  Regular school attendance ensures that students have the greatest opportunity for success

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