Graduation Excellence

The mission of the Office of Graduation Excellence (OGE) is to ensure all graduates of the East Baton Rouge Parish School System graduate on time and are college/career ready with intensive support and guidance from parents, teachers, counselors, school leaders, and community. The OGE will ensure the alignment of all personnel, resources, systems, and time to ensure scholars graduate. The OGE is laser-focused on assisting stakeholders in removing barriers to graduation and post-secondary aspiration actualization. The OGE will work collaboratively across central office teams to ensure all students have a strong start and strong finish in East Baton Rouge Parish School System middle and high school portfolios. Leaders of the OGE will galvanize stakeholders and resources around the academic promise in all scholars.BLACK HISTORY & TALENT SHOWCASE AUDITIONS FORM AND AUDITION VIDEO UPLOAD

Job Description

Under supervision, mentors will collaborate with licensed school personnel and classroom teachers to support the district’s student achievement goals and student’s success.  Mentors will serve as role models for our students by inspiring college and career readiness, and modeling habits of mind thereby fostering positive study habits and college motivation.

Mentor Responsibilities:

  • Evaluate student binders, including calendars, class and textbook notes, etc.
  • Conduct tutorial sessions using collaborative learning and the practice of students teaching students through discussions.
  • Work with students in any phase of the writing process, such as brainstorming, clustering, revision, and editing.
  • Assist in teaching study skills and other aspects of college preparation.
  • Alert mentees to potential adjustment-related obstacles and equip them with suitable resources to help negate these.
  • Schedule follow-ups to gauge your mentees’ progress.
  • Encourage participation in mentor-mentee bonding initiatives to facilitate mentees’ social orientation. (All must be documented and approved by the OGE)
  • Attend mentorship meetings to share headway, concerns, and details regarding upcoming mentorship events. (Times and dates will be scheduled)
  • Report all pressing concerns to the OGE for in-depth review. (Mandatory)

Mentor Requirements:

  • High School diploma
  • (5) site visits (Monthly trainings and check ins)
  • Ability to perceive psychosocial, medical, and similar difficulties.
  • Tracking and intervention abilities.