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The East Baton Rouge Parish School System Department of Curriculum and Instruction is a premier learning environment devoted to understand the many diverse methods and practices of teaching. The Curriculum and Instruction Department places a heavy focus on Professional Development.

The purpose of Professional Development is to provide the focus and structure needed to best address the professional learning of our teachers and leaders.  The instructional expertise of our district, school, and teacher leaders will build the capacity of all educators within the system in order to grow all students.

Professional development activities will take place throughout the school year.  Specific events and activities will be showcased bi-weekly in the department’s official newsletter, G.P.S.P.D.  The Superintendent’s Leadership Institutes, Teacher Leader Learning meetings, as well as each core curriculum’s professional development Framework outline the dates of workshops throughout the year, although additional dates will be added based on need.

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Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA)

Parent, Family and Community Engagement includes several different forms of participation in education and working with our schools. Parents can support their children’s schooling by attending school functions and responding to school obligations (parent-teacher conferences, for example). Parents can become more involved in helping their children improve their schoolwork by providing encouragement, arranging for appropriate study time and space, modeling desired behavior (such as reading for pleasure), monitoring homework, and actively tutoring their children at home.

Outside the home, parents can serve as advocates for the school. They can volunteer to help out with school activities or work in the classroom. Or they can take an active role in the governance and decision making necessary for planning, developing, and providing an education for the community’s children. Parents are a child’s first teacher.

Community Resources for Parents

Academic Distinction Fund

8550 United Plaza Blvd. Suite 301
Baton Rouge, LA 70809
(225) 922-4560 | fax (225) 922-4562

Families Helping Families of Greater Baton Rouge

2356 Druscilla Lane
Baton Rouge, LA 70809
(225) 216-7474 | fax (225) 216-7977
Jamie Tindle, Executive Director

Family Road of Greater Baton Rouge

323 E. Airport Avenue
Baton Rouge, LA 70806
(225) 201-8888
Dena Morrison, Executive Director

Family Services of Greater Baton Rouge

4727 Revere Avenue
Baton Rouge, LA 70808
(225) 927-9810 | fax (225) 924-7175
Rene Taylor, Executive Director
Home Instruction Program for Preschool Youngsters (HIPPY)

Delmont PK-K Center
5300 Douglas Avenue
Baton Rouge, LA 70805
(225) 356-1221 or (225) 355-2106 office
(225) 338-9371 or (225) 359-6515 fax
Bernadette Joiner, Coordinator

Resources for Schools

A Toolkit for Title I Parental Involvement

Survey for Assessing School Level Family and Community Partnerships

Sample School-Based Parental Involvement Policy

Parent-Student-School Compact for Success

Parental Involvement Compliance Guidance

LA Parent Involvement Resource Guide to Success

How to Establish a PTO

How to Establish a PTO

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Presentation for Staff Development

Effective Strategies for Meaningful Parental Involvement

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Instructional Technology

The East Baton Rouge Parish School System Technology Integration Plan presents the district vision and overarching goal for technology in the learning environment and steps necessary to put the plan into action. Moving the plan from vision to reality requires strong leadership to make critical, informed decisions based on systematic and comprehensive research and study, applying strategic thinking and planning processes to ensure decisions are aligned with the district’s vision, mission, and goals, and that the implementation is both smooth and timely. Additionally, support from internal and external stakeholders – district and school leaders, teachers and other employees, parents, business and community leaders and community members is vital to the success of this vision.

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Core Beliefs

-All learners – regardless of age, gender, socioeconomic status, school setting, learning style, or special needs – and educators benefit from technology-rich environments that support 21st century learning;

-All learners, educators, and employees benefit from training, delivered face-to-face and/or online which support efficient and effective use of technology systems, programs, and tools;

-All levels of leadership benefit from training that increases their capacity to support educators’ application of 21st Century Literacy skills in the classroom;

-All learners and educators benefit from access to a curriculum that incorporates technology-rich, rigorous, learning activities that advance economic learning and support acquisition of 21st Century learning skills;

-All stakeholders benefit from advances in student achievement obtained through professional development support that include distance learning courses and other online, collaborative opportunities;

-All stakeholders benefit from advances in achievement in technological skills acquired in technology-rich learning environments supported by sufficient funding;

-All decisions related to the acquisition of technology systems and programs are based on sound instructional curriculum, student needs and system goals, and not the availability;

-All learners and students benefit from access to rich online educational content that interconnects to support the EBRPSS Curriculum.

The East Baton Rouge Parish School System designed the Innovation Network to improve historically low-performing schools by accelerating progress and implementing evidence-based transformational strategies.

The 13 schools now under this umbrella will experience a more comprehensive plan for innovative school design through autonomous governance, accountability for all, professional development for all educators, a robust approach to teaching and learning, and a collective vision focused on preparing students for opportunities beyond their high school years.

Many factors come into play when we examine why a school is chronically low-performing; educator instructional capacity gaps, student mobility, socio-economic circumstances, high student and educator absenteeism, lack of human and school resources, etc. It is the goal of our school system to address each of these elements head-on in order to provide a high-quality and equitable education for all students. However, the most important unit of change we can impact is daily classroom instruction.

To ensure school-based accountability and sustainability of this transformational work, the district established a Community Advisory Panel (CAP). The CAP engages leading members of the local community and permit a specialized focus on these schools.

The goal is to have each Innovation Network school achieve, at a minimum, a School Performance Score (SPS) growth of four SPS points and grow in line with the 75th percentile growth of all Louisiana schools of the equivalent level and grade annually.

The Innovation Network creates opportunity and constructs for all 13 schools to use increased autonomy to find individualized paths to excellence, commit to high-quality curriculum implementation, and a resolve to hold all adults accountable for improved student results.   The Innovation Network school leaders will engage in comprehensive and student-driven professional development with a focus on data-driven strategies to turn around school performance. Through the implementation of high-quality curriculum, leadership development, instructional coaching, and stakeholder engagement, The East Baton Rouge Parish School System expects to see a complete metamorphosis of the historically low-performing schools.

Innovation Network Schools

Elementary School

Capitol Elementary

Claiborne/Howell Park Elementary

Park Elementary

Park Forest Elementary

Progress Elementary

Villa Del Rey Elementary

Middle School

Capitol Middle

North Banks Middle

Park Forest Middle

High School

Belaire High

Glen Oaks High

Tara High